Installation of portals requires cutting holes between two existing single cages.

Drs. Cristie Kamiya and Cindy Karsten installing portals at Yolo County Animal Shelter in Woodland, CA

For shelter cats, portals help provide housing choice and opportunity…two cages with a portal means each cat can have a bedroom/dining area that is separate from their bathroom. A shy cat can have a cozy bed to hide out in when she is scared. She'll have a little room to stretch her legs when she's ready to explore. Every cat has a better chance of staying healthy and free from upper respiratory infection. A portal means shelter staff can clean and care for cats safely without removing them from their cages, further reducing stress and chances for altercations. Add that all up and portalized caging means not only better housing and less stress for cats but opportunity for staff to provide care they can be proud of and for visitors and adopters the ability to see and adopt healthy happy cats.

For up-to-date online instructions on your catportal installation, go to the Koret Shelter Medicine Program Website