UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Cat Portals



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    UCD Koret Shelter Medicine Cat Portal
    Contents / Portal (all metal hardware is stainless steel)
    2 - Screws
    2 - Washers
    2 - Bolts
    2 - Nylon Sleeves
    1 - Locking Pin
    1 - Door
    1 - Inner Frame
    1 - Outer Frame
    Contents / Order
    1 - Installation Instructions
    1 - Spacer (per total order) - 2 spacers are recommended for each portal installed. Use included spacer as a model to make additional spacers out of 1" pvc pipe or similar material.
    $ 65.00

    QTY: 1
    Product Description Cost
    Cat Portal Template $ 50.00

    What is a Cat Portal Template and Do I need it?

    The cat portal template is a piece of stainless steel with a 8 3/4' diameter circle cut out. A cat portal template is not required to properly install a cat portal. The template can be used to cut holes with a plasma saw or mark holes for cutting for installation of the portal. It is symmetrical to make cutting holes in the walls of stainless steel cages easier. The template can also be used for portal alignment.


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